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Anhui Fulltime Specialized Solvents &Reagents Co., Ltd. wasestablished in June 2002 with a registered capital of 68 million yuan. Theoriginal name was Anqing Fulltime Chemical Co., Ltd., in 2009 the company hadgone through a shareholding reform, from a limited liability company overallchanged to a joint stock company. It is a high-tech  enterprise in Anhui Province, a standingdirector unit of CAIA(China Association for Instrumental Analysis) and CRIAC(ChemicalReagent Industry Association of China) as well as a member of the EditorialBoard of the Chinese journal <Chemical Reagents>. The company has passedthe ISO9001 quality system certification,is acknowledged and recognized byAnhui Province as an Enterprise Technology Center and Anhui Provincial Special SolventsEngineering Technology Research Center.

Anhui Fulltime is equipped with variousinhouse testing laboratories which are fully equipped with high-techinstruments such as plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), gas chromatography (GC),liquid chromatography (HPLC), fluorescence photometer, ultraviolet-visiblespectrophotometer (UV-VIS), etc.,and has the practical effective environmentalprotection management superiority and the good sustainable developmentpotential.

Currently Anhui Fulltime is having twoseries of ‘Cyclic economy and Comprehensive utilization’and ‘High purityspecial solvents’and 9 complete chemical production facilities to manufacture 2ranges of products: high purity solvent and reagent series, and series of fine chemicalproducts.

Anhui Fulltime is the manufacturer ofhigh purity special solvents in China. Using the self-developed ‘multilevel reaction-distillation’patenttechnology to produce series of high purity solvent products, Fulltime hasalready had 8 series of ACS, HPLC/PREP, HPLC/ACS, HPLC/SPECTRO,HPLC PLUS/RESI,ANHYDROUS, BIO/ULTRA LOW WATER and LC-MS grade, more than 2000 kinds of thewhole series of organic high purity solvent products, and the product qualitycan be compatible with the global well-known brands in the internationalmarkets.    

Anhui Fulltime leading products: high purityreagents-acetonitrile and methanol,and high purity phenol series products are identifiedas the provincial high-tech products by Anhui Science and Technology Department;the high purity reagent-Acetonitrile is identified as Anhuifamous brand product by Anhui Quality Supervision Bureau; the  trademark ‘FULLTIME’ is identified as Anhui famoustrademark by Anhui Industry and Commerce Bureau.

Anhui Fullitme concentrates to the researchand development of the key technologies, such as synthesis purificationtechnology, production process and action mechanism for the new highly efficientlithium-ion battery electrolyte additives, and has realized the scaleproduction of vinylene carbonate(VC), propane sultone(PS), p-fluorotoluene andothers.

The project of‘R&D of electrolyte rawmaterials for high-purity lithium-ion batteries’has been listed in the planningitems of tackling key problems in science and Technology of Anhui Province, andit has got the governmental financial support. This project was checked and acceptedby the provincial Science and Technology Department in November 2013.

Anhui Fulltime is also the professional manufacturer of high-purity phenols and refined naphthenic acid seriesproducts in China. Fulltime uses the advanced purification and DCS controltechnology, strict production process management and continual improvement of qualitymanagement system, and can produce high quality phenols and refinednaphthenic acid series products in China.

By using the petrochemical waste gas ammonia,Anhui Fulltime uses the technique of "washing-crystallization-adsorption-distillationmethod" to produce 10,000 tons per year of pure liquid ammonia. This projectallows  Fulltime to win the ‘Certificateof Comprehensive Utilization of Resources’ issued by Anhui Development andReform Commission in 2010, and enjoy preferential policies in taxation.

Since its establishment, Anhui Fulltime hasbeen continuously strengthening technology research and development, takingenterprise as the main body, universities and scientific research institutes asthe technical support, and following the road of industry-university-researchcooperation. Since 2007, 13 external experts have been engaged to undertakedevelopment work and technical guidance. So that the enterprise's technologyresearch and development ability has been significantly enhanced. In 2010, Fulltimeapplied for and undertook a key project of the national science and technologysupport plan--‘Demonstration of R&D and industrial application of importantcore reagent intermediates for scientific research’,and the research, development andindustrialization of organic and inorganic high-purity reagents in the 11th and12th ‘Five-year Plan’. To support the two projects, we received 400,000 yuan fromthe National Ministry of Science and Technology R&D fund. In 2012, Fulltimewas awarded as an industry-university-research joint demonstration unit by AnhuiProvincial  Economy and Information TechnologyCommission.

Anhui Fulltime has a total of 19 inventionpatents,among them there are ten invention patents obtained patentauthorization certificates:

"A kind of method for recovery of highconcentration petroleum phenol from the petrochemical refining gasolinealkaline residue " ,

"A kind of the preparation method ofHPLC grade Isopropyl Alcohol" ,

"A kind of method of HPLC Methanol production",

"A kind of preparation method of high-purityhalogenated hydrocarbon for liquid chromatography ",

"A kind of method of producing highpurity Ether for HPLC ",

"A kind of method of multilevel reaction-distillationfor producing HPLC Acetonitrile",

"A kind of preparation method ofhigh-purity liquid chromatographic  n-Alkanes",

"A kind of method of HPLC grade Acetoneproduction",

"A molecularly imprinted polymer used forthe separation of m/p-cresol and its preparation method", and

"A kind of method for synthesis ofethyl fluoroacetate and methyl fluoroacetate";

and there are another six patents obtainedthe notice of acceptance, as below:

"A kind of preparation method of tri-(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphite antioxidant",

"A kind of method for separating m/p-cresolby alkylation in fixed bed",

"A kind of method for preparingfluorine-containing trialkyl phosphate ester",  

"A kind of method for treating phenolicwastewater with corncob", and

"A kind of method for treating phenolicwastewater with rape straw".

The self-developed "multilevelreaction-distillation method for producing HPLC Acetonitrile" was passedthe scientific and technical appraisal of CAIA(China Association forInstrumental Analysis) in 2007 and obtained the appraisal certificate. In 2011,it was awarded the third prize of scientific and technological achievements of Anqingcity.

The "high purity special solventindustrialization project" in Anhui Fulltime high purity solvent industrybase is listed as the "2012 National Torch Plan Project" and alsolisted as the "2012 National Key Industry Revitalization Project".

Anhui Fulltime short-term goals:

Develop different grades of acid-baseregulators, common dissolution and separation regulators, biological solvents,high purity metals, common ionic liquids, lithium battery electrolyte solventsand additives;

and will provide the public detectiontechnology of the above high purity special solvents, promote theindustrialization of the existing patent technology, become the most powerfulhigh purity special solvent industrialized production and R&D base, promotethe brand of FULLTIME, vigorously expand the market, improve sales channels andsuccessfully achieve listing on the GEM.

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